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From d.@netnord.dk (Dennis Thrysoe - Netnord A/S)
Subject RE: Performance and thread safety in Xerces
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2000 07:05:51 GMT
> Dennis Thrysoe - Netnord A/S wrote:
> > I my concrete case I have some code that calls
> ElementImpl.getAttribute()
> > about 320,000 times. This code takes a bit long, and creates a total of
> > almost 600,000 objects.
> I would imagine that your 600,000 objects come from the fact that
> the getAttribute method has to concatenate the children of the
> attribute node in order to return you a string. So save the
> memory you should use getAttributeNode and then query the
> children yourself.

Using AttrImpl.getValue() has the same effect: Creating many objects. Which
otrher way is there to query the attributes value?

> > The other thing relates to the thread safety of Xerces. I have
> two seperate
> > threads parsing two different XML files. Still I seem to get
> race conditions
> > on some arrays:
> Access to the parser and the DOM are *not* thread-safe. You still
> have to manage locks in order to ensure that multiple threads are
>   1) not using the parser at the same time
>   2) not editing a DOM document at the same time
> Now, if there are static members that are used in the code and
> access to them is not synchronized, then that could be causing
> the race condition problems that you are seeing. Let us know if
> you deduce the cause of your problem.

Does plans exist for making the parser thread safe? In our project it is
quite important that several threads can each parse something different, or
the whole idea of concurrency is wasted.


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