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From "Bryan Morgan" <br...@wirelessdevnet.com>
Subject Re: XML-HTML-XHTML-WML-VXML.........**ML
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2000 13:47:19 GMT

The beauty of XML isn't just the separation of the content from the
presentation.  Middle tier technologies (CORBA/DCOM/etc.) have promised to
do that for quite some time.  I think it's also the structure that XML
provides and the complete vendor independence that makes it wonderful.  Like
HTTP, HTML, and the other technologies that have spread like wildfire over
the past 7-8 years, XML's final killer benefit is that it is ridiculously
simple yet very powerful.  I personally think that SOAP when combined with
XML is a killer app.


Bryan Morgan
Managing Editor, Wireless Developer Network
(850) 897-0858 x225

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From: K.Sridhar Babu <sbabu@noida.hclt.com>
To: <cocoon-users@xml.apache.org>; <www-mobile@w3.org>; <www-voice@w3.org>;
Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2000 6:02 AM
Subject: XML-HTML-XHTML-WML-VXML.........**ML

> Hi Friends,
>     I donot know is it the best place ask this question, sorry for any
> inconvenienec with this  message.
>     Using XML the basic advantage we are getting is separation of
> content from the presentation(hope I am right)? The problem with present
> html is , it mixes the content and presentation, so we are going for
> XML.  This reduces the risk of again writting our content in another
> mark up like wml or vxml or another ML.
>     My doubt is how we can in that generic manner can separate content
> from the presentation? Is it possible to use the same content for smalll
> screen mobile devices, desktop browsers and voice browsers?  What are
> the challenges in doing this?
>     I am intersted in knowing some or more details regarding all these
> issues. Any info or discussion regarding this greately helpful.
>     Thanks in Advance.
>             Sridhar Babu

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