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From d.@netnord.dk (Dennis Thrysoe - netnord)
Subject RE: XML-HTML-XHTML-WML-VXML.........**ML
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2000 11:57:21 GMT
>     I donot know is it the best place ask this question, sorry for any
> inconvenienec with this  message.

I'd say you have a pretty good hit here.

>     Using XML the basic advantage we are getting is separation of
> content from the presentation(hope I am right)? The problem with present
> html is , it mixes the content and presentation, so we are going for
> XML.  This reduces the risk of again writting our content in another
> mark up like wml or vxml or another ML.
>     My doubt is how we can in that generic manner can separate content
> from the presentation? Is it possible to use the same content for smalll
> screen mobile devices, desktop browsers and voice browsers?  What are
> the challenges in doing this?
>     I am intersted in knowing some or more details regarding all these
> issues. Any info or discussion regarding this greately helpful.

The most obvious way to do this is use XSL (XSLT) to extract and convert
your XML to pretty much any other 'presentation' of the original XML data.

Xalan will do this.

You could also take a look at www.eplix.com which will, in time, have
functionality related to what you ask. The website will be up shortly.


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