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From "Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus" <Scott_B...@lotus.com>
Subject Re: XALAN & XERCES 1.0.4
Date Wed, 17 May 2000 18:30:33 GMT

> > ...but getSchemaValidator no longer exists, and this is a pretty bad
> > anyway.  What's the best way to get around this problem?
> XSchemaValidator was suppressed as part of our consolidation plans
> towards full schema support.
> You should be able to get the same result by inheriting from
> XMLValidator and overriding scanAttValue(). You'll have to pretty much
> duplicate most of that method code though.
> Be assured that this will be fixed (removed) for the next release.

Well, I got around to looking at this today.  Overriding scanAttValue() and
duplicating most of that method code looks to be impossible because of all
the private variables.  If only there were a way to set fCheckedForSchema!
So, I think I'm going to leave this as an open problem, and hope that most
people don't get caught by it.  Any idea on a timetable for Xerces 1.0.5?


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