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From "McGowan, Jeffery" <jeffrey_mcgo...@merck.com>
Subject Cocoon 2
Date Mon, 15 May 2000 15:37:01 GMT

I'm hoping someone can clear up a bit of confusion that I'm expierencing.

Currently, I'm using Cocoon 1.73.

I'm using the DOM interface between the <xsp:logic> tags.  I have been
successful in manipulating the DOM tree.
I've used calls in the xsp.  These calls resemble,

My question is, as we move to Cocoon 2.0:

	Given that SAX will be implemented under the hood (correct me if I'm
wrong); will I still be able to do calls like this in the xsp, or will I
have to implement the sax parser in the xsp.  If I can still use the DOM
interface calls, such as appendChild, how would that work with a sax parser.
Or will I be forced to write the DOM interface stuff in a class file which
would then have to be called into xsp, thus being forced to use a global
like xspCurrentNode?

	Thanks for the help

	Jeffrey McGowan

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