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From Samuel Kock <sk...@cs.up.ac.za>
Subject Cocoon the other way???
Date Mon, 29 May 2000 13:11:16 GMT

I am quite new to this list, but hace been following the goings on for
some time. Most things You people talk about are a bit greek to me, but
I do have one question:

At the moment, as I understand it, Cocoon is used to go from XML to
HTML, Word files, PDF, etc... Am I right?

Is it possible to maybe write an extension to cocoon that would go the
other way? For example, convert a PDF file to an XML file using (I
suppose) XSLT? Or a RTF or HTML file, for that matter????

I am very interested in thiss, since my MAsters thesis is about this,
and if I can use the basic coccoon foundation as a starting point, just
concentrating on my bits would be very easier...

Anybody has any ideas/thoughts?


Samuel Kock
University of PRetoria

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