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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject [Announcement] Cocoon 1.7.4
Date Fri, 19 May 2000 13:58:22 GMT

I'm very pleased to announce the 1.7.4 release of the Cocoon XML
Publishing Framework that you can obtain at the usual location of


This is mainly a bugfix release and here it follows the list of changes.

 <release version="1.7.4" date="May 18 2000">
  <action dev="SM" type="fix">
   fixed xpath position() problem that caused the slideshow example to
behave strangely.
  <action dev="SM" type="fix" due-to="Kevin Burton"
   fixed a problem with memory store sweeping idle time declared as
   and used as milliseconds which caused heavy CPU usage for
  <action dev="DB" type="fix">
   fixed bug in SQL taglib when doc-element was missing
  <action dev="DB" type="fix" due-to="Giacomo Pati"
   fixed bug in SQL taglib's count rows query
  <action dev="SM" type="fix" due-to="Bill Parkinson"
   Work around context.getRealPath() that fails on some engines.
  <action dev="SM" type="fix" due-to="Paul Lamb"
   Fixed problem with getResource() not implemented on some servlet
engine. Now we test for Servlet 2.2
  <action dev="RR" type="fix" due-to="Ulrich Mayring"
    Fixed backslash escaping in text node strings
  <action dev="RR" type="fix" due-to="Ulrich Mayring"
    Fixed invalid code for &lt;util:include-file&gt;. Added debug info
to &lt;util:include-uri&gt;
  <action dev="SM" type="fix">
   Added SVG formatting properties.
  <action dev="SM" type="fix">
   Changed behavior for absolute stylesheet hrefs which now point to
absolute URI addresses.
  <action dev="RR" type="fix" due-to="Kevin Burton"
    Changed "create-session" attribute in &lt;xsp:page&gt; to accept
    only "true" and "false" as dictated by the XML Schema boolean
  <action dev="RR" type="update">
    Added namespace preservation for XSP pages. To preserve namespaces
in an
    XSP page, add an "xsp:xxx" attribute to the page's root element,
    "xxx" is the namespace and the attribute value is the namespace URI
  <action dev="RR" type="update">
    Added boolean attribute "create-session" to &lt;xsp:page&gt; in
    to allow for the automatic creation of servlet sessions without
    intervening &lt;xsp:logic&gt;
  <action dev="RR" type="update">
    Added "java.net.*" to the list of default XSP page Java imports
  <action dev="RR" type="update" due-to="Robin Green"
    Added synchronization on code generation, compilation and loading
  <action dev="RR" type="update" due-to="Pavel Karassev"
    Added support for charset encodings in code generation and
    Tested only with Russian under Blackdown's JDK1.2
  <action dev="RR" type="fix">
    Fixed bug resulting in multiple &lt;xsp:page&gt; top elements

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