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From Michal Mosiewicz <m...@interdata.com.pl>
Subject Re: SAX
Date Sat, 13 May 2000 01:24:02 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> [...]
> You are clearly identifying a SAX producer as a parser or a XML adapter.
> If you think at a SAX producer as an XPointer implementation then you
> ask for
>  file.xml#xpointer(/news/articles[@author='foo'])
> or even more powerful
>  file.xml#xql(whatever-XQL-will-look-like)
> and what is produces is exactly what you need as for XML random access.

Ok - say, there are those article documents. Each of them has some
/article/title, /article/img, /article/intro, and /article/body. Then,
you want to make an index page, so the most obvious solution would be to
pass them through some transformation selecting non-body content. Note
that this not-visible body content may be a larger part of the document.
The transformation doesn't generate any event neither on /article/body
element  nor it's subelements.

How could using XPointer or XQL help here? How would you prevent that
the parser doesn't do any useless job of generating unnecessary events?
What is the scenario here to reduce computational cost of the
transformation that is known to ommit a large portion of a source

Also, this argument is a schizophrenic for me. Once we all agree that
active API like SAX could do better for us, but then we use passive API
to proof that improvements of active API is not necessary, becouse the
above XPointer syntax is nothing else, but getting back to the old
passive API.

> In the Cocoon project we did careful estimation of the requirement for
> fragment caching and we agreed that it's much better to improve XInclude
> functionalities and to cache entire documents, rather than having
> document fragment caching.

Better than careful I like correct estimation. I cannot understand how
XInclude would be much better improvement. I'm talking about improvement
that is possible along the whole processing path - from content
generators, that may be sometimes not required to generate full content,
to translators, and finally to serializer, which is able to get the
information about cacheable parts of the document and remember them in
serialized form. XInclude can only be used to improve one side of the
transformation (i.e. the producing side), and it requires that you have
to operate on separate documents that may be included or not, but you
cannot mark some content cacheable while passing it through some

-- Mike

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