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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Cocoon 1.7.3 finally released!
Date Fri, 05 May 2000 23:47:37 GMT

I'm very happy to announce the availability of the 1.7.3 release of the
Cocoon XML Publishing Framework that you can download from


while this version doesn't introduce any great new features, it has many
usability improvements as well as fresh new samples and many bugfixes,
expecially on the i18n, encoding and formatting sections.

It _highly_ suggested that you upgrade your installations to this latest
release and, as usual, it's _highly_ suggested that you upgrade your
"cocoon.properties" along with the installation since many new
configurations were introduced.

Note that no known back incompatibilities were introduced by this

In case, here follows the complete change list:

 <release version="1.7.3" date="May 5 2000">
  <action dev="DB" type="fix">
   Added code to XSLTProcessor to not import request parameters whose
names are not valid XML Qnames and code to XalanTransformer to quote
request parameter values to bypass the expression parsing routines.
  <action dev="DB" type="update">
   Added column formatting to XSP SQL taglib.
  <action dev="DB" type="update">
   Documented all XSP SQL taglib configuration options.
  <action dev="SM" type="update" due-to="Paul Lamb"
   Added ability to recognize Servlet 2.1 container and get
   as a ServletContext resource. This should ease installation on
  <action dev="SM" type="update">
   Cleaned the docs a little, fixed some typos and extended the cocoon2
sitemap example.
  <action dev="SM" type="add" due-to="Manfred Riem"
   Patched engine creation to allow several instances of Cocoon in the
same JVM.
  <action dev="DB" type="update" due-to="Kevin Sonney"
   Added code to XSP SQL library to automatically choose execute update
v.s. execute query
  <action dev="SM" type="add">
   Added SMIL formatter.
  <action dev="SM" type="add">
   Added XHTML formatter.
  <action dev="SM" type="fix" due-to="Pawel Pesz"
   Fixed other encoding problems (hopefully last ones).
  <action dev="SM" type="update">
   Updated build scripts (mostly esthetics for easier administration).
  <action dev="SM" type="fix" due-to="Mike Rossellini"
   Fixed some typos and mistakes in documentation.
  <action dev="SM" type="fix">
   Fixed a problem with the cache monitor that was not updating the
timestamp after a change
   so the cache was disabled after one of multiple stylesheets where
updated. Now it works
   as expected.
  <action dev="SM" type="fix">
   Fixed possible encoding problem in stylesheet loading.
  <action dev="SM" type="update">
   Updated Xalan to version 1.0.1.
  <action dev="SM" type="add">
   Added new samples.
  <action dev="SM" type="fix" due-to="Rapha&euml;l Luta"
   Fixed a problem with XSP where PIs contained the string <em>xsp</em>.
  <action dev="SM" type="fix" due-to="Roberto Moreda"
due-to-email="moreda@alfa21.com" fixes-bug="112">
   Fixed a problem with XSP packages containing dots and also fixes a
problem with package generation.
  <action dev="SM" type="update" fixes-bug="102">
   Improved error message when XSP repository directory is not writable.
  <action dev="SM" type="update" due-to="Michel Lehon"
   Added an improved memory store that checks for memory overflow in the
  <action dev="SM" type="fix" due-to="Ovidiu Predescu"
   Fixed a number of NPE when using Cocoon from the command line.
  <action dev="SM" type="fix" due-to="Robin Green"
   Fixed xsp:pi that now can work with included xsp:expr for dynamically
generated PIs in XSP.
  <action dev="RR" type="fix">
   Fixed xsp:expr [XSPPage.xspExpr()] to ensure that node values are
created by the same document instance.
  <action dev="SM" type="fix" due-to="Andrew Sheehan"
   Fixed problem with Sun ProjectX compilation that failed on some
  <action dev="SM" type="fix" due-to="James Birchfield"
   Fixed problem with LDAP examples.
  <action dev="SM" type="fix" due-to="Maurice Galland"
   Fixed a problem with DocumentDTD that defined the "role" attribute
   and triggered validation problems on some parsers.
  <action dev="SM" type="fix" fixes-bug="91">
   Fixed a problem with document stylesheets that messed up anchors.
  <action dev="SM" type="add" fixes-bug="90">
   Added ability to specify formatting information from the cocoon
   file instead of having to create a custom formatter every time. Also
   fixed the output encoding problem since now a specific encoding for
   output stream can be forced.
  <action dev="SM" type="add" fixes-bug="83">
   Added XML encoding prediction to fix the encoding problem for
   ProducerFromFile. Cocoon should now work with all encoding supported
   the XML parser used.
  <action dev="SM" type="fix" due-to="Robin Green"
   Added ability to call "hasChanged" from inside the XSP engine to
   dynamic page regeneration even XSP pages.

Thank you.

Stefano Mazzocchi      One must still have chaos in oneself to be
                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
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