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From "Srinivasan Ramaswamy" <sramasw...@pyramidci.com>
Subject Re: Cocoon the other way???
Date Tue, 30 May 2000 16:36:48 GMT
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> Doing "anything" -> XML translation doesn't make sense. It's like
> saying, converting Word documents to UNICODE. Or russian Word documents
> to ASCII. Plain nonsense.
> XML is a syntax, not a language. Every language has it's own syntax, but
> some of them share a syntax. Just like some file formats are binary and
> others are text.
> So you want to transform the syntax of the language, or extract
> information from one language to another? If the second, going from PDF,
> say, to DocBook (and XML language for technical book writing) is not
> different from doing OCR over faxes to get characters based on their
> shape.

"anything" -> XML translation is not for translating the
formattingproperties into tags. But more for extracting the content from the
pdf. Out in the field are numrous content in HTML and PDF i.e that is in
their final presentation form. How do you get to make them XML? I think that
is the question. Right now in the world, a large percentage of web content
is in static files (HTML/PDF etc.) If we want to achieve a WWW that consists
of XML data everywhere, don't you need a tool to retro-generate the content
out of the presentation format.


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