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From d.@netnord.dk (Dennis Thrysoe - netnord)
Subject Serializing a DOM
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 12:30:55 GMT

I asked a couple of weeks ago how I could make a DOM into a series of SAX
calls, and it was suggested to overwrite HTMLSerializer, as XMLSerializer is

But HTMLSerializer's implementation of ContentHandler (through
BaseMarkupSerializer) lacks the throws clauses, which in turn makes it
impossible to throw SAXExceptions from the ContentHandler methods on
descendents of HTMLSerializer.

I was wondering what the reason is that XMLSerializer was made final. It
seems appropriate enough for me to sub-class it.

I suggest that BaseMarkupSerializer is made able to throw SAXExceptions -
thus giving future MarkupSerializers as such the ability to indicate that
they are choking.

I also suggest that a DOMSerializer be made and included with Xerces. If it
would be appropriate, I'd be glad to (help) implement it. I simply believe
that this is a much needed and missed feature. (Caching DOMs and having them
fake SAX calls).

Let me know what you think.


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