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From d.@netnord.dk (Dennis Thrysoe - netnord)
Subject RE: Serializing a DOM
Date Fri, 26 May 2000 06:29:34 GMT
Yes, this is excactly what I found out.

(I still don't see why XMLSerializer is final though).

I am working on a DOMSerializer implementation (Serializer doesn't really
fit the task), but I'm only putting in the features we need in our project
at hand.

But I still think that it'd be useful with a DOM -> SAX Serializer / Adapter
in the standard Xerces distribution.


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> Behalf Of Arkin
> Sent: 25. maj 2000 22:31
> To: general@xml.apache.org
> Subject: Re: Serializing a DOM
> Are you just looking for a DOM -> SAX convertor?
> XMLSerializer/HTMLSerializer/BaseMarkupSerializers are implementation
> classes for the purpose of producing a document from DOM or SAX, not for
> converting from one to the other. You can implement a serializer by
> implementing Serializer for that purpose, but need not extend any of the
> above.

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