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From "Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus" <Scott_B...@lotus.com>
Subject Re: JDOM and Thank You :)
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2000 14:01:27 GMT

One thing I don't understand about the API, is that you don't seem to be
able to get the parent of a Node.  Also, it bothers me a little that the
nodes can't be treated polymophically, and the nodes are defined in terms
of classes, instead of interfaces.  It's certainly useful for many things,
and a great contribution!  Rather than being competative with the DOM, I
think it may be simply an alternative tree structure for those needing the
particular benifits it provides.


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I've spent a nice evening listening to Jason Hunter and Brett
McLaughlin's talk at the Mountain View Java User's Group about their
idea of JDOM.
What's JDOM? A smarter way (designed and specifically optimized for
Java) to handle XML data.
Since I really enjoyed their talk (trying - unsuccessfully - to play the
devil's advocate for the whole evening) and I think they come up with a
good API, I would suggest to all those interested in dealing w/ XML data
and DOMs to take a look at <http://www.jdom.org/> and to help those two
out with some feedback (and maybe some code? it's not that hard?).
Have fun :) :)


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