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From Michael Lepine <MLep...@TRISECT.com>
Subject RE: xsl question
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2000 13:24:27 GMT
You and David Blondeau have shown me the light. Exactly what I needed,

As to using UIML, haven't yet. I basically just built out my own
html-specific library of transforms for xml-formatted ui elements (once
again defined by me, so probably not all that great :).

Either way, I am now reading up on UIML and XwingML. Thanks for the second
and third tips of the morning. :)

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From: Dan Morrison
To: general@xml.apache.org
Sent: 4/12/00 4:25 AM
Subject: Re: xsl question

Michael Lepine wrote:

> I currently have tags like these in my xsl template so I can create
> corresponding html form tags for the named element:

<xsl:template match="element[@name='fname']">
        <xsl:call-template name="build_element"/>

UIML eh?
I had a look at that recently. Personally I don't think much of the
structure. It looks very biased in the direction of C/C++ engineers, as
opposed to the encapsulated way XML is more suited to. I hate to have
the properties of an object declared somewhere other that the object
itself. The 'lookup table' way that UIML marks its classes bugs me. 
I'd advise having a look at XwingML, which although it has its own bias
towards Java, is a much nicer structure.
I'm currently working on a (PERL) UI manager that is close to both
UIML's shortcut syntax and XwingML. It's fun 'skinning' those old ugly
HTML forms, and giving my CGIs an easy interface API.

Sorry I dunno about Xalan, but in some parsers you can do it

 <xsl:template match="element">
        <xsl:call-template name="{@name}"/>


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