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From Keith Visco <kvi...@exoffice.com>
Subject Re: JDOM and Thank You :)
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2000 22:23:43 GMT

Before I begin, I just want to state that I'm not a big W3 DOM advocate,
but I do have opinions...and I feel like expressing them...

Brett McLaughlin wrote:
> JDOM is so far from DOM it's scary ;-) 

Really??? Doesn't look that far to me.

> Check out the API docs - http://jdom.org.

I did.

>  JDOM is much more lightweight, must less
> memory-consumptive, much faster, and more in tune with what Java
> developers want. 

Perhaps some Java developers, but not all. What happens when you add in
non-forward node traversal which you mentioned in any earlier e-mail.
Your memory consumption won't be *much* less. How much faster is *much*
faster. What benchmarks are you using? 

>  Who ever heard of:
> getElementsByTagName()
> getElementsByTagNameNS()
> People in Java?  

What are you talking about...these are methods that the W3C decided
would be helpful to people using a DOM. What does this have to do with
Java. It's just an API. Of course I don't personally use the methods,
but I fail to see why you say "People in have never heard of those
methods". Instead make an argument for why you feel they are unecessary.

> yup.  So we don't emulate DOM, other than that we provide a complete
> view of an XML document.  

You complete view does not preserve document order. Since *text* nodes
do not exist in your world, and are not returned by a call to
#getChildren. Of course this might not be a concern for most people.

> We don't even mandate that the whole document
> is in memory, unless you want it to be.

Neither does the DOM. It's just an API.

I'm now up to $0.04


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