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From Mike Pogue <mpo...@apache.org>
Subject Re: JDOM and Thank You :)
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2000 16:56:47 GMT
Could somebody who was there summarize how it differs from 
JSR031 (Java Data Binding)?


Ray Cromwell wrote:
> Could you summarize at a 30,000ft level what it does and why it is
> needed? I tried going to the web site, but there were no specs.
> Browsing the JavaDoc gave me the impression it's intended to allow
> I/O of XML from storage other than just text.
> However, one thing concerned me was that the JavaDoc didn't say
> that their versions of Node, Element, et al, implemented the
> org.w3c.* interfaces. IMHO, any API that doesn't atleast implement
> the w3c interfaces is dead-on-arrival.
> Building at a higher level on top of DOM, extending it, wrapping it,
> etc I can see, but I wouldn't use an API that didn't atleast give
> me a DOM interface when I needed it. Interoperability is far more
> important than syntactic sugar.
> Just my two cents. I'd appreciate a summary of it, since the web
> site doesn't explain much.
> -Ray
> Ray Cromwell
> MsgTo.Com, Inc.
> ray@MsgTo.com
> general@jakarta.apache.org  wrote:
> >
> >I've spent a nice evening listening to Jason Hunter and Brett
> >McLaughlin's talk at the Mountain View Java User's Group about their
> >idea of JDOM.
> >What's JDOM? A smarter way (designed and specifically optimized for
> >Java) to handle XML data.
> >Since I really enjoyed their talk (trying - unsuccessfully - to play the
> >devil's advocate for the whole evening) and I think they come up with a
> >good API, I would suggest to all those interested in dealing w/ XML data
> >and DOMs to take a look at <http://www.jdom.org/> and to help those two
> >out with some feedback (and maybe some code? it's not that hard?).
> >Have fun :) :)
> >
> >       Pier
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