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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: AW: Reverse XSL:FO
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2000 14:23:48 GMT
Andrzej Dmoch wrote:
> > Also, like in any programming language, there are tons of ways to do the
> > same thing... in PDF, this means that there are many ways of writing the
> > same page on the screen with different PDF documents. Some might use
> > text, others may use vectors.
> OK. Then XSL:FO is clearly not isomorfic with PDF for me. Isomorfic for me means 1-1
> and on (on means each PDF can be produced).
> > Now, even if your PDF is generated from a FO (so it doesn't include any
> > other PDF capabilities), it's not algorithmically certain (read: you
> > need a brain to do that!) to convert it back into FO.
> OK. Then you state that it is simply impossible in general case.

> > Just like when you do "1 + 1" you get "2" but there are an infinite set
> > of couples which sum is "2", not just one.
> Which means there can be a lot of PDF files which give the proper output for the
> XSL:FO source file?


> Then why doesn't there exist an XML format isomorfic with PDF files?

Because it would not make sense. The XML publishing model is different
from PDF even if has many parts in common. For example, the use of
namespaces allows the integration of other capabilities without messing
up with the language itself, thing that is not possible with PDF. For
example, FO + SMIL integration opposed to PDF with video support.

> The task of transforming XSL:FO to PDF would have been achieved then using XSLT.


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