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From Andrzej Dmoch <...@step.pl>
Subject Re: AW: Reverse XSL:FO
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2000 10:30:17 GMT
> Also, like in any programming language, there are tons of ways to do the
> same thing... in PDF, this means that there are many ways of writing the
> same page on the screen with different PDF documents. Some might use
> text, others may use vectors.

OK. Then XSL:FO is clearly not isomorfic with PDF for me. Isomorfic for me means 1-1
and on (on means each PDF can be produced).

> Now, even if your PDF is generated from a FO (so it doesn't include any
> other PDF capabilities), it's not algorithmically certain (read: you
> need a brain to do that!) to convert it back into FO.

OK. Then you state that it is simply impossible in general case.

> Just like when you do "1 + 1" you get "2" but there are an infinite set
> of couples which sum is "2", not just one.

Which means there can be a lot of PDF files which give the proper output for the
XSL:FO source file?
Then why doesn't there exist an XML format isomorfic with PDF files?
The task of transforming XSL:FO to PDF would have been achieved then using XSLT.


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