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From Arkin <ar...@exoffice.com>
Subject Re: Proposal to checkin jaxp.jar
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2000 18:21:07 GMT
-1 for the exact same reasons.


Mike Pogue wrote:
> Ummmm, I vote -1.  The JAXP code was specifically taken *out* of the license-in
> agreement with Sun, because we couldn't get Sun to say that it was OK to
> redistribute it, without being bound by the JAXP spec license (which has some nasty
> parts).  So, rather than hold up everything, we agreed to pull JAXP out of the
> license-in agreement, and work on it separately (which Duncan is doing).
> Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but this proposal (below) does not actually resolve
> the JAXP spec license issues, and we don't end up with anything more than we have
> with Pier's existing implementation (which already implements JAXP).  I don't
> think we need TWO ambiguous JAXP implementations in the source code base (one
> ambiguous one is too many already! :-)
> Alternately, could you provide a pointer to the JAXP RI license (is it different
> from the current JAXP spec license?), so we can check to see whether it's
> different?  If it allows for unlimited redistribution (with no prohibition
> on subsetting/supersetting), then it's a different license, (one that's more
> compatible with open source) and we should take a closer look at it!
> Mike
> Rajiv Mordani wrote:
> >
> > Hi All,
> >         Till the spec license issue is solved I propose that we checkin
> > the jaxp.jar from the JAXP RI and use that. According to the license of
> > JAXP RI you can redistribute jaxp.jar (which btw just has the 6 classes
> > defined by JAXP and not the full parser. The parser is in a separate jar
> > file) and check it in and use Pier's implementation and integrate it into
> > the build process. This way people have access to JAXP in xerces. Once all
> > the licensing issues are solved we can revert to Pier's implementation of
> > the javax classes. Can we have a round of +1s for this.
> >
> > - Rajiv
> >
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