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From "Thomas Yip" <t...@leafsoft.com>
Subject Request for comment!
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 18:15:07 GMT
Hi all,

Our product, Leato, is now request for comment.

Leato is an XML document fragment declaration language from Leafsoft Co.
Unlike DTD or Schema, Leato focuses on compactness, intuitiveness and
extensibility (programmatically).

Because of its compact natural, Leato is suitable for some applications
where DTD and Schema are not appropriate. For example, Leato can
potentially be used as an data querying language, and be used to test
the XML "type" within a Java program.

While we're still working on the implementation, we have finished a
draft of the User Guide of Leato. We want to hear what people think
about it.

We developed the language and the implementation ourselves and we own
all the copyrights. And, we are planning to open source it if demand exists.

You can learn more about Leato by the following link:

Thank You!

Thomas Yip
Leafsoft Co.

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