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From Dan Morrison <d...@es.co.nz>
Subject Re: How to use XML to link to XML when the XML becomes HTML?
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2000 14:55:46 GMT
Tim Bray wrote:
> What you're doing is transforming links as part of the publishing or
> delivery process.  A common-enough thing to want to do.  If XSLT has
> trouble in doing what you want, then that is probably a shortcoming
> of XSLT.  XLink is just syntax for describing links, not a framework
> for transforming them. -Tim

I just want my link relationships to be stated in a generic enough way
to survive a global change of suffix.

I take this to mean that I should work on leveraging my XSLT to mess
around with href attributes s/\.xml$/\.html/ etc. OK, I didn't want to
be playing with substrings (which sure is a shortcoming with XSL) but
I'll manage.

I therefore take it that Xlink can draw no implicit relationship at all
between doc.xml and doc.html without such a relationship being stated on
a one-by-one basis in some external link file. 
The filenames are different, therefore they are different objects. It'd
be fun if I could throw some wildcarding into the filename but my
reading of the spec didn't see that. 

... hmm, what if I set up a directory structure with every 'file' being
a directory containing multiple versions of the same content then used
content negotiation to... [shudder]. Yuk.

I'm looking forward to using the extended link syntax for
cross-referencing keyword lookups, but I've never seen a UI that does
this. Has anyone ever made an example of practical, multi-targeted
extended links (beyond content-negotiation)? 

BTW, the best resource I've found so far is

The XML Revolution
Technologies for the future Web
Anders Møller & Michael I. Schwartzbach

But I still haven't seen xlink in action anywhere. Not even a 'this is
how it should work, once someones built a parser'. 

Thanks anyway.


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