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From Dan Morrison <d...@es.co.nz>
Subject How to use XML to link to XML when the XML becomes HTML?
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2000 07:42:38 GMT
Sorry if this is off-topic, but I can't find an XLINK forum, can anyone
suggest where to look?

So far I've been labouring under the impression that Xlink is some sort
of enhanced replacement for <a href=""> tags. After reading the spec &
lots of surrounding vapourware articles, I'm more confused than ever.

I have a collection of XML docs, in a file heirachy analogous to a
website structure. I have a process which formats all these docs using
multiple XSLs and produces a complete site of html docs.
These documents naturally refer to each other sometimes. Much of the
navigation is automatic, but I still need <a href> now and then.

I CAN get my index.xml to refer to contentpage.xml using some
complicated XSL, although it involves renaming the link from
contentpage.xml to contentpage.html. This is conceptually very messy.

So I imagine some advanced link syntax in my source docs
<LINK path="/my/content/" targetname="contentpage">content</LINK>

which my stylesheet can convert to 
	<a href="/my/content/contentpage.html">
when it feels like, or alternatively refer to 
etc etc in the future.

Is the complicated link syntax Xlink? Is that what Xlink can do for me?
If so, are there actually any extant examples to work from?

The examples in the spec
<A xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/XML/XLink/0.9" xlink:type="simple"
	xlink:href="students.xml" xlink:role="student list"
	xlink:title="Student List" xlink:show="new" xlink:actuate="user">
	Current List of Students
<xlink:simple href="students.xml" role="student list"
	title="Student List" show="replace" actuate="user">
	Current List of Students
Don't quite do it for me (that hard-coded href="xxx.xml" defeats the
transformation). And I'm not clear enough on namespaces to understand
which method I'd use in a basic xml doc.

I can just make it all up, but I prefer to start from some sort of a
standard naming convention. (Trying against the odds to do things the
Right Way[tm])



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