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From Dan Morrison <d...@es.co.nz>
Subject Re: multiple XSL stylesheet in XML ?
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2000 02:16:16 GMT
Elaine Brennan wrote:
> At 05:49 PM 3/29/00 (+0200), Benoit Fouche wrote:
> >Hi !
> >Can I multiple <?xml-stylesheet href="test.xsl" type="text/xsl"?>
> >declaration in a XML document ?
> You can also use the "media" pseudo-attribute to specify that a particular
> stylesheet is meant for use with a particular presentation medium: paper,
> hand-held, etc.

I didn't investigate this fully, but I found that declaring multiple
stylesheets and NOT declaring different media types crashed Cocoon.

This might have been a side effect from other development I was doing at
the time, but I added media types and the problem went away.


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