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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@webweaving.org>
Subject Re: Owner of this MailingList----UNSUBSCRIBE me
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2000 20:36:58 GMT

"Ahmed M. Alawy" wrote:
> I am a supporter of the Apache project but this affection is getting sticky!
> I have to flood your mailing list with unsubscribe me emails and I do not
> trust your system to unsubscribe me.

Hmmm. Exactly One subscribe and one unsubscribe.

> I have tried to unsubscribe myself several times. I am using Microsoft
> Outlook and my email alawy.ahmed@ieee.org is the only email the system
> knows. I am not able to unsubscribe myself. This is the email I subscribed
> to and this is the same email address that I am getting emails to. Like I
> said, I have this mail client on my NT box with direct connection to the
> internet. So no confusion on my side. For God's sake, I have written mailing
> systems before and know what it takes to subscribe-unsubscribe.
> Your system is not letting go and I have heard lots of "stupid" comments
> from stupid conceited developers of yours.

You can always use the -owner syntax to reach the owner without bothering
the world. Secondly there is no 'alawy.ahmed@ieee.org' subscribed at this
moment in time to any @xml.apache.org list.

You subscribed on 	Sat Feb 19 23:24:29 2000
And you unsubscribed 	Fri Mar 17 17:21:55 2000

There are no failed (un)subscribtion attempts from your domain @ieee.org.

> I hate to see my mailbox flooded with unasked-for-emails like this. 
> A supporter of apache who is losing patience.

I guess you are not the only one :-) If you want to actually _HELP_ 
please email me privately with the exact times/dates you tried to
(un)subscribe, the error you got back, if any, and if possible the 
message ID's. If you have the IP or C-Class from which you send the
msg, that is even better. And I'll try to get to the bottom of it.

As it seems to work for a lot of people generally. (20 on/off rq's
in the last days).


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