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From Arkin <ar...@exoffice.com>
Subject Re: DTD -> Business Objects and XML data -> instance variables / fields
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2000 19:47:20 GMT

It can produce your Java business objects from an XML schema (including
enumeration, validation, etc), instantiate them from an XML document,
and of course turn your objects back into documents.


> Is there a sense of "best practices" out there in processing / parsing
> a DTD (Schema) to automatically create Java "Business Objects" which
> model the XML document "rules?"
> How about for taking an XML document, given the above, instantiating
> those same "Business Objects," and putting the data from an
> XML document which obeys the DTD into the instance variables (fields)
> of those Java Business Objects?
> Is everyone hand-rolling their own here, or are there outfits out there that
> have
> written commercial products to do the same?

Assaf Arkin                                           www.exoffice.com
CTO, Exoffice Technologies, Inc.                        www.exolab.org

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