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From Calvin Gaisford <cal...@calderasystems.com>
Subject Re: Xerces 1.0.2 DOMParser, whitespace and #text elements
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2000 22:30:09 GMT
I have seen the same thing but I just found this in the docs:

This method is used to report all the whitespace characters,
which are determined to be 'ignorable'. This distinction
between characters is only made, if validation is enabled.

If I understand that correctly, ignoring whitespace only
works if you have validation turned on.  right?


> Xerces-J 1.0.2 on NT in VisualAge for Java
> If you send setIncludeIgnorableWhitespace(false) to
> DOMParser, and then parse XML that has basically
> ELEMENT_NODEs, and a bit of whitespace between
> the start tags and end tags of the ELEMENT_NODEs,
> you get #text nodes that contain the white space
> (new line, tab, spaces, etc).
> What's up with that?

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