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From Ben Bertola <bbert...@promedix.com>
Subject Re: XSLT library: the next step
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2000 20:46:37 GMT
I think that we are all thinking of this from 2 points of view.  1 is just to have a repository
of XSL templates, which we can do in CVS just wonderfully.  The 2nd point of view is a way
to make this
library more available to the public by adding a web based interface for browsing these stylesheets
etc.  They are both complimentary ideas, I just think that these two needed to be clarified.
I understand it the discussion about using Zope is a question of what technology to use for
the web front end.
    Zope is actually a pre-processor for the PHP scripting language.  It allows you to write
dynamic pages on the server and precompile them, much in the same way that Java Servlets do.
 I prefer to
use Java Servlets or Java Server Pages(JSP), though I have experience in both servlets and
PHP.  Java Servlets is just a defined API, and Apache has an implementation of this called
Apache JServ.
Apache also has a project called Cocoon which is an XML/XSL based web publishing application
that is quite interesting and based off of Java Servlets.
    So, my suggestion is that we begin work on creating an XSL template library in CVS.  This
CVS could be hosted by SourceForge and our development efforts could quite easily be based
out of
SourceForge since they already have a collaborative open source development environment setup.
 I think we need to define a standard way of documenting these sytlesheets and start a list
of individual
XSL templates that can be used for different purposes.  I think that each XSL template submitted
should provide:
    1.  usage instructions detailed enough that someone with little XSL experience could understand
how to use the Template.  I believe this would also include a sample usage.
    - Well commented XSL stylesheets would probably be the most usefull
    2.  A set of meta tags that would define what this template does or how it could be used,
which we can later use for searching templates

    Once we get a good library of these templates in CVS we can begin to work on a web based
interface for them.  The benefit of the Web Based interface would be to provide easier access
to the
repository and searching capabilities.  Also maybe a simple "Build your Own Stylesheet" section
which lets you pick and choose individual templates and combine them into 1 stylesheet for
yout to
    I know this is kind of long but I just thought I would share some of my ideas.  Please
let me know what you think back and hopefully we can get this moving forward.

Ben Bertola

"Arnold, Curt" wrote:

> I'm not sure I'm following this.  I've have only heard of Zope, but don't know anything
else about it.  I was thinking that the primary thing would be a CVS server so that there
could be a
> collaborative environment for developing and refining XSLT transforms.  SourceForge was
always a possibility, but I thought it would be better if it could be done under the Apache
Foundation so that
> we would be covered on intellectual property and ownership issues.  If Zope can enable
a collaborative development environment, then thats fine.  If not, what were you thinking
of doing with Zope.

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