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From Steve Ball <Steve.B...@zveno.com>
Subject Re: success stories with xml.apache.org
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2000 17:21:32 GMT
Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> So in ~8 hours I'll be giving a short keynote at XTech in San Jose on
> Apache, and focus however much I can on XML and the xml.apache.org
> project.  I follow general@xml fairly closely but I've been unsubscribed
> from the main development lists; so if there are developments or
> noteworthy things you'd like to let others know about, let me know.  I'm
> also very interested in hearing about people who were formerly using
> someone else's XML parser or stylesheet engine or (anything else) and
> switched to something created at xml.apache.org, and why.  Or any other
> random data points you think might be noteworthy.  If anyone would like to
> contribute some, email me or the list.  Thanks!

I'm currently developing a Tcl wrapper for Xerces-C - both the
XML parser and DOM implementation.  Once completed I hope to
contribute this to the Apache XML project, as a peer to the
Perl wrapper.  So if anyone out there just can't stomach writing
Perl code (like me), there will be choices available!

Steve Ball

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