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From j....@t-online.de (Juergen Hermann)
Subject Re: XSLT library: the next step
Date Tue, 07 Mar 2000 22:20:04 GMT
On Tue, 07 Mar 2000 13:46:37 -0700, Ben Bertola wrote:

>    Zope is actually a pre-processor for the PHP scripting language.  

Zope is actually a content management system for groupware efforts (a
kind of general sourceforge engine) and Python-based, uses DTML as a
template language (not PHP) and stores content in an object database.
Just to set things straight. :)

But SourgeForge running on xml.apache.org (NB: I'd not make it part of
the Xalan sub-site, but make it its own subsite on xml.apache.org) is
surely a good option too. 

My main reason for using Zope was that it allows easy and fine-grained
access control. If this is to be a collaborative effort of many people,
we either need editors or many CVS committers. 

BTW, I have done a site based on CVS and StyleBook, it's certainly
doable even for people who's name is not Italian. ;)

>    1.  usage instructions detailed enough that someone with little XSL experience could
understand how to use the Template.  I believe this would also include a sample usage.
>    - Well commented XSL stylesheets would probably be the most usefull

Another idea would be to use a CXSL DTD (Commented XSL), and create
docs and the raw XSL from that. Or extract the comments somehow, but
I'd prefer using XSL technology to extract the docs for obvious

>    2.  A set of meta tags that would define what this template does or how it could be
used, which we can later use for searching templates

See above, embed that in the stylesheet.

>    Once we get a good library of these templates in CVS we can begin to work on a web
based interface for them.  The benefit of the Web Based interface would be to provide easier
access to the
>repository and searching capabilities.  Also maybe a simple "Build your Own Stylesheet"
section which lets you pick and choose individual templates and combine them into 1 stylesheet
for yout to

I think we should use SourceForge technology from the start, at least
for editorial work. Of course, alternate views (using batch technology
like Stylebook, or Cocoon) can and should be added.

BTW, did you take a look at dtd.com? I think their DTDfactory is rather

Ciao, J├╝rgen

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