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From "Thomas Poe" <tom...@peoplepc.com>
Subject Re: How to use XML to link to XML when the XML becomes HTML?
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2000 18:55:26 GMT
Dan:  A weak attempt at your conceptual arrangement is demonstrated at:

What I did, was to get real excited about XLINK some 18 months or more ago.
I laid out a "plan" to utilize XML, XSL, CSS and then shift to XML, XSL and
XLINK as soon as possible.  STILL WAITING!  However, if you take a quick
look, maybe you'll get some ideas from it and integrate this approach with
yours, and VOILA!, a solution for the masses.  I'm thinking we could
separate the linking aspects of pages, handle them as ASP, and XLINK could
become a reality.  Please let me know if you make any headway.  I'm really
anxious to see the transformation of the web happen.  Imagine, one page, one
window, and the whole world without leaving the room, and best of all, never
losing track of what it was you started looking for. Tom
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From: "Dan Morrison" <dman@es.co.nz>
To: <general@xml.apache.org>
Sent: Thursday, March 30, 2000 6:55 AM
Subject: Re: How to use XML to link to XML when the XML becomes HTML?

> Tim Bray wrote:
> > What you're doing is transforming links as part of the publishing or
> > delivery process.  A common-enough thing to want to do.  If XSLT has
> > trouble in doing what you want, then that is probably a shortcoming
> > of XSLT.  XLink is just syntax for describing links, not a framework
> > for transforming them. -Tim
> I just want my link relationships to be stated in a generic enough way
> to survive a global change of suffix.
> I take this to mean that I should work on leveraging my XSLT to mess
> around with href attributes s/\.xml$/\.html/ etc. OK, I didn't want to
> be playing with substrings (which sure is a shortcoming with XSL) but
> I'll manage.
> I therefore take it that Xlink can draw no implicit relationship at all
> between doc.xml and doc.html without such a relationship being stated on
> a one-by-one basis in some external link file.
> The filenames are different, therefore they are different objects. It'd
> be fun if I could throw some wildcarding into the filename but my
> reading of the spec didn't see that.
> ... hmm, what if I set up a directory structure with every 'file' being
> a directory containing multiple versions of the same content then used
> content negotiation to... [shudder]. Yuk.
> I'm looking forward to using the extended link syntax for
> cross-referencing keyword lookups, but I've never seen a UI that does
> this. Has anyone ever made an example of practical, multi-targeted
> extended links (beyond content-negotiation)?
> BTW, the best resource I've found so far is
> The XML Revolution
> Technologies for the future Web
> Anders Møller & Michael I. Schwartzbach
> http://www.brics.dk/~amoeller/XML/linking.html
> But I still haven't seen xlink in action anywhere. Not even a 'this is
> how it should work, once someones built a parser'.
> Thanks anyway.
> .dan.
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