I am very interested in helping with developement on XML but I'm just starting about on understanding it's functionality and I'm looking for a simple example to implement on my Apache server.  Before you send me a reference to one please read the rest of this.
I have looked at hundreds of web pages that say they are XML tutorials and examples but only about 2% we're actually something I would consider a tutorial.
I am looking for a small tutorial that I can install on my web server (Apache) and see the results of it in an HTML page.  I realize there isn't XML support in Netscape yet but aren't most XML examples parsing the output and using an XSL to format the output in HTML to the browser?
I have just about every Perl XML mod installed, plus Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  The ultimate example I would like to find is something that I can pull XML data from a MySQL database and use an XSL to format it for display in an HTML page, but I will settle for anything simple.  I would even settle for a "Hello World" example.
I'll settle for anything simple that I can implement but I haven't really seen anything that meets that criteria unless I'm running $4000 worth of Microsoft Server crap.  I think a lot of sites have so called tutorials/explanations/examples/guides out there to pull traffic to their sites but after reading the same definitions and seeing about a million "How To DTD/Schema/XSL/etc..." I'm fed up with looking for something I can actually use.
If you know of a step-by-step example of implementing a simple example on an Apache server please mail me the info or URL.  I will be eternally grateful.  As I begin to understand the basics I hope I can begin to contribute to this group.  Thanks.
Curt Gran