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That's the message I get when I click on that link.  IE5.
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From: Thomas Poe
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2000 8:21 AM
Subject: Re: What tutorial? What example?

Hi:  A variation on your situation might be found at:
When you open the page, it's plain web technologies looking at you.  Sitting on the server is a folder with xml docs that can be displayed using an xsl file.  So, tutorial coming up:
1]  Highlight a term on the menu
2] Click on the button to display the definition and related topic links
3] The document that shows up in the iframe in the middle of the page holds the xml doc, displayed with the xsl file, and awaits the browser support for xLink to show off extended link power
There, all that remains is for you to run your cursor over the globe image and read the insert.
That's it!  That's XML/XSL in a nutshell.  But, don't be disappointed.  This work scales up to full-blown clinical data collection systems in a heart-beat.  It also provides a quick solution to generate e-commerce app development.  The world of technology is terrific, ain't it?  Thanks, Tom
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From: Curt Gran
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2000 8:12 AM
Subject: What tutorial? What example?

I am very interested in helping with developement on XML but I'm just starting about on understanding it's functionality and I'm looking for a simple example to implement on my Apache server.  Before you send me a reference to one please read the rest of this.
I have looked at hundreds of web pages that say they are XML tutorials and examples but only about 2% we're actually something I would consider a tutorial.
I am looking for a small tutorial that I can install on my web server (Apache) and see the results of it in an HTML page.  I realize there isn't XML support in Netscape yet but aren't most XML examples parsing the output and using an XSL to format the output in HTML to the browser?
I have just about every Perl XML mod installed, plus Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  The ultimate example I would like to find is something that I can pull XML data from a MySQL database and use an XSL to format it for display in an HTML page, but I will settle for anything simple.  I would even settle for a "Hello World" example.
I'll settle for anything simple that I can implement but I haven't really seen anything that meets that criteria unless I'm running $4000 worth of Microsoft Server crap.  I think a lot of sites have so called tutorials/explanations/examples/guides out there to pull traffic to their sites but after reading the same definitions and seeing about a million "How To DTD/Schema/XSL/etc..." I'm fed up with looking for something I can actually use.
If you know of a step-by-step example of implementing a simple example on an Apache server please mail me the info or URL.  I will be eternally grateful.  As I begin to understand the basics I hope I can begin to contribute to this group.  Thanks.
Curt Gran