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From m..@cs.auc.dk (Max R. Andersen)
Subject Deferred nodes and a little bit of swing :)
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2000 18:44:01 GMT


I have created a "slicker" implementation of the TreeModel used in the
swing examples for Xerces.

By "slicker" I mean it is not building up a seperate tree of
TreeNodes, but uses the underlying DOM Model instead. This gives some
speed and saves those expensive memorychunks :)

I have also seperated other parts of the current TreeView examples so
it is more flexible and usable for general use.

well - on to my question...

I want to support display of a DOM document that has deferred nodes.
Which way is the preffered method for expanding a single node ?

The doc about the "http://apache.org/xml/features/dom/defer-node-expansion"
feature just states the nodes are expanded when "the tree is traversed".

What does this mean exactly ? 
What is the minimum "traversal" neede to expand a node, and what is the code for it ?

I have tried all the methods on the standard org.w3c.dom.Node
interface but nothing triggers the expansion. 

Any clues ? :)

Max R. Andersen (max@cs.auc.dk)

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