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From Kevin Olson <kevol...@visi.com>
Subject Question about removeChild
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2000 20:55:07 GMT
Hello all,

Using Xerces 1.0.1 and given the following doc...

<?xml version="1.0"?>

I am iterating through a NodeList trying to delete the <one/> element and
the <two/> element.  I reach the <one/> element and do the following
(where 'n' is the current node in the NodeList).
Node parent = n.getParentNode();

And the <one/> node gets blasted like I would expect.  I would also expect
to be able to delete the <two/> element in the next iteration of the
NodeList.  What happens, however, is that the next node in the list is the
<three/> node.

It works if I try to delete the <one/> and <three/> node.  Just not two
consecutive nodes with the same parent.  I can show more of the code if
that would help.

Am I missing something in the DOM spec or the Xerces API?


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