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From "Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus" <Scott_B...@lotus.com>
Subject Re: Scripting Errors...
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2000 08:52:15 GMT

Hi Callum.  Do you have both BSF jars and the JS jar on the class path?


                    "Callum Elliott"                                                     
                    <c.j.elliott-96@student.lb        To:     <general@xml.apache.org>
                    oro.ac.uk>                        cc:     (bcc: Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus)
                                                      Subject:     Scripting Errors...   
                    02/20/00 07:13 PM                                                    
                    Please respond to general                                            


I've been trying to use JavaScript in my XSL.  I have taken the examples
from the 'Extensions' docs on the Apache website, but I just can't get it
work.  I always get the following error:-

javawebserver: Call to extension function failed: unable to load language:

I have followed the 'Setting up the environment' steps...I guess it's the
js.jar that I'm using...the only one I could find is on the Modzilla site.
I'm also having problems with extending Java classes...yet again it says
that it can't find the class.  What do I need on my machine for these to



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