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From Donald_Les...@lotus.com
Subject Organization of XML douments in the repository
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2000 18:35:05 GMT
There has been a certain amount of discussion about how we organize the
documentation for the projects, both in the repository and in our
distributions, including the recommendations that I made on Jan 25, which
we are now implementing for Xalan.  Accordingly, I have moved the Xalan
source documentation from docs to xdocs and removed the docs directory from
the xml-xalan repository. In our distribution, the docs directory will be
for the HTML documentation. We will also include an xdocs directory in our
distribution, so that everyone can see the sources and rebuild the doc. In
the interest of using the same setup to create all builds, including our
build for the website, local builds, and user builds from the distribution,
the structure mimics the xml-website module is as follows:


-- Don

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