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From k...@us.ibm.com
Subject Tip of the xml iceberg
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2000 22:58:32 GMT

Here's some starting points for the examples of how xml is being used.

Products\Resource sites-etc
www.svgcentral.com -> for cool graphics based on xml.

Implementation of interest-this type of thing should be worth about 7.9
billion+/- in the next decade(My own opinion).

Even the XML server capabilities are now free w/ the model for a trading
marketplace to connect partners and
services that go with it.


OnDisplay Launches Industry?s First Free B2B XML Server

   New XML Connect? delivers open, guaranteed, secure real-time
   B2B document exchange among e-marketplaces, buyers &

   (San Ramon, CA) Feb. 3, 2000 ? OnDisplay├ĺ , Inc. (Nasdaq:ONDS),
   a leading provider of e-business infrastructure software for powering
   e-business portals and e-marketplaces, today announced that it will
   deliver the industry?s first free business-to-business XML server
   software for any organization that needs to establish secure,
   guaranteed exchange with online trading partners. Called XML
   Connect?, the new product enables the exchange of XML business
   documents ? such as purchase orders, invoices, and order
   confirmations ? seamlessly and securely with any other XML Connect
   user, as well as with users of OnDisplay?s CenterStage® eBizXchange

   Currently, there is no easy way to accomplish the secure, reliable
   exchange of business documents across multiple trading partners
   online, due to the varying communications requirements of each
   partner. With XML Connect, companies can standardize their XML
   communications quickly and simply.

   OnDisplay believes that by seeding the market with XML Connect, the
   company will greatly accelerate the adoption of XML and B2B
   commerce, according to Mark Pine, OnDisplay CEO.

   Shipping now in limited partner release, XML Connect will be generally
   available on March 30, 2000, as a free download from the XML
   Connect web site (www.xmlconnect.net) and from OnDisplay?s web site
   (www.ondisplay.com). The product will include free online support.

   The new product is the industry?s first XML server to support all of the
   XML schemas on the market. XML Connect is also the first product
   that allows B2B e-commerce participants to set up secure connections
   with their trading partners without the need to purchase and install
   proprietary software on both ends of the trading partner connection. By
   contrast, other B2B integration vendors force buyers, suppliers, and
   e-marketplaces to purchase proprietary servers for each trading
   partner they wish to connect to their network.

   "If XML is to have a true impact on business-to-business e-commerce,
   it needs to be ubiquitous," said Richard Karpinski, editorial director
   Net Market Makers, the hub for growing Net Markets. "OnDisplay's free
   XML server has the potential to help make this happen sooner,
   particularly for small buyers and sellers who can't afford to make a big
   investment in technology. For net market makers, it represents an
   XML-enabling platform they can deliver at no cost to their marketplace

   Leading e-marketplaces adopt XML Connect
   OnDisplay also announced today that e-marketplaces such as
   PurchasePro, one of the industry?s fastest-growing e-marketplaces;
   SciQuest.com, a leading business-to-business e-marketplace for the
   global scientific products industry; and SourceTrack, a growing
   services and MRO marketplace, will provide XML Connect to their
   buyers and suppliers for free, for connecting into their respective

   "OnDisplay is riding the wave of the future by providing a free XML
   server. The last thing e-business participants want is to be locked into
   a proprietary, inflexible technology to get up and running online with
   their trading partners. OnDisplay?s approach of providing easy, open,
   and free access is right on target for the market?s needs," said Kevin
   Liske, Senior VP of Strategic and International Development at

   "We are extremely excited about XML Connect," said Rob Fusillo, CIO
   of SciQuest.com. "With XML Connect, we?ll be able to help our
   suppliers and buyers begin maximizing the efficiencies of the Web for
   conducting e-business. We plan on rapidly deploying XML Connect to
   the SciQuest.com community as soon as it?s available."

   "The concept of XML has always been to connect the e-business
   community over the Web using open, flexible technology," said Peter
   Buzzard, VP of product marketing at OnDisplay. "Until now, mass
   adoption of XML has been hindered by the proliferation of multiple
   XML servers, none of which communicated with each other. XML
   Connect fulfills the original promise of XML by making secure,
   real-time information exchange simple and straightforward. We?re
   excited about how quickly buyers and suppliers will be able to connect
   securely and reliably using XML Connect."

   E-business leaders and RosettaNet support XML Connect
   E-business leaders, including Sterling Commerce, Vignette, TPN
   Register, RightWorks, and NetVendor today announced support for the
   new XML Connect product. E-business leader GE Information
   Services announced its intent to facilitate interoperability between its
   existing Integration Broker family of products and XML Connect. In
   addition, standards organization RosettaNet has announced its

   "Sterling Commerce is dedicated to enabling seamless e-business
   integration for Global 5000 companies and their e-business
   communities," said Randy Harvey, senior VP, development of the
   GENTRAN product family at Sterling Commerce. "While some of the
   world?s largest corporations have begun to adopt XML aggressively,
   many more have been slowed by the lack of a single standard for XML
   business document transport. OnDisplay?s XML Connect gives these
   companies a means to lower their risk in the move to XML by providing
   a standardized transport at the fundamental communications layer.
   XML is a significant new technology for the brick and mortar

   XML Connect: Secure, open, real-time B2B capabilities
   The new XML Connect product provides guaranteed, secure, real-time
   delivery of business documents over the Internet. It consists of an
   XML-based messaging server with an open, published API and
   supporting documentation. Key features of XML Connect include:

       Guaranteed file delivery via message queuing & XML return
       receipt. Applications and users can monitor a simple log to
       check the status of delivery of such documents as invoices, order
       confirmations, and inventory checks.
       Support for HTTP, FTP and HTTPS for secure document
       delivery. Simple business documents can be delivered using
       HTTP, while very large documents ? such as product catalogs ?
       can be posted to an FTP site for convenient, secure download,
       all using XML-based delivery.
       Intuitive browser interface for managing and monitoring
       business-to-business document exchange. Users can quickly
       and easily see which documents have been sent and received,
       and can control the XML server remotely using their browsers.
       Support for all XML schemas and related formats. XML Connect
       provides seamless support for all XML schemas, cXML, CBL,
       RosettaNet, and XML/EDI. In addition to these, XML Connect will
       support the forthcoming BizTalk Framework and ebXML
       standards as they become available.

   CenterStage eBizXchange upgrade option for comprehensive
   online trading networks
   Customers who deploy XML Connect will be able to upgrade their
   implementations to OnDisplay?s CenterStage eBizXchange easily and
   seamlessly. CenterStage eBizXchange provides scalable B2B
   integration capabilities for organizations that need to rapidly connect
   with hundreds or thousands of trading partners simultaneously.
   Leveraging the CenterStage 4 platform for "many to many, any to any"
   B2B integration, CenterStage eBizXchange provides:

       Business document framework for rapid integration from back
       office to back office. This business document framework allows
       trading partners to easily adapt to multiple standards by
       providing a seamless way to take an XML document definition,
       regardless of the schema definition used, and import it into the
       schema- and protocol-independent CenterStage business
       document framework. As a result, companies can exchange
       information stored in back-office legacy systems easily with their
       trading partners, without concern for the business document
       "language" the trading partner uses for its back-office systems.
       "Tight" partner collaboration. Through an internal XML Connect
       server with guaranteed message delivery features, CenterStage
       eBizXchange enables secure, guaranteed ("tight") exchange of
       business documents with XML Connect servers (as well as with
       CenterStage eBizXchange implementations) utilized by trading
       "Loose" partner collaboration. CenterStage eBizXchange also
       enables e-businesses to complete transactions by automatically
       "driving" a partner?s web site, without the need for explicit format
       agreement or for a dedicated server on both ends of the pipe.
       Powerful XML transformation capabilities. CenterStage
       eBizXchange enables trading partners to publish documents in
       one format, for example, in cXML, and have them received in
       another format, such as CBL.
       Flexible trading partner management. CenterStage
       eBizXchange enables e-business managers to track and
       manage their trading partner relationships with drag-and-drop
       GUI controls.

   CenterStage eBizXchange is a key component of the CenterStage
   suite, a comprehensive e-business infrastructure application set
   optimized for aggregating, integrating and exchanging e-business
   information swiftly and accurately. The CenterStage suite also includes
   CenterStage eContent, a full-featured content aggregation product;
   CenterStage eIntegrate, a software system for integrating front-end
   Web applications with operational systems such as SAP, PeopleSoft,
   and Oracle; CenterStage eSyndicate, a powerful application for
   syndicating content of interest to trading partners and customers; and
   CenterStage eNotify, a product that enables rules-based, proactive
   notification of items of interest to online customers and partners.

   About OnDisplay
   OnDisplay is a leading provider of e-business infrastructure software
   applications for powering e-business portals and e-business
   marketplaces. OnDisplay?s CenterStage product suite enables
   customers to increase their online selling effectiveness and extend
   their trading networks to suppliers and vertical marketplaces.
   OnDisplay has provided critical e-business infrastructure software and
   services to such e-business pioneers as W.W. Grainger, Alta Vista?s
   Shopping.com, Travelocity.com, ClubComputer.com,
   MicroWarehouse, FASTXchange.com, PurchasePro.com,
   Harbinger.net, OrderTrust, and more. The company has strategic
   relationships with leading industry players that include Ariba,
   BroadVision, Commerce One, Harbinger, IBM, Microsoft, Sterling
   Commerce, and Vignette. Founded in 1996, OnDisplay is located in
   San Ramon, California. OnDisplay can be reached at 1-800-508-8800
   and at http://www.ondisplay.com.

                         # # #

   OnDisplay and CenterStage are registered trademarks of OnDisplay, Inc.
All other
   company and product names mentioned herein are trademarks of their

   Additional Industry Support for XML Connect:
   "In GE Information Services' never-ending quest to build the Intelligent
   Supply Chain, XML is emerging as a critically important technology,"
   said Steven Scala, general manager of software for GE Information
   Services. "In order to accelerate the adoption of XML among the entire
   community of buyers, suppliers, and marketplaces, it will be important
   to have standardized secure inter-operable transport, like the
   functionality that XML Connect promises to deliver."

   -- Steven Scala, General Manager of Software, GE Information

"Shawn Ali" <sali@viant.com> on 02/16/2000 03:42:24 PM

Please respond to general@xml.apache.org

To:   <general@xml.apache.org>
Subject:  RE: USES

I am also trying to find valid uses of XML technology, if you have andy
ideas of where
I could get some info on this subject.

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Valid or just well-formed?


>I'm trying to find valid uses of the XML technology. Do you have any idea
>of where I could get some info on this subject!

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