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From Ben Bertola <bbert...@promedix.com>
Subject Re: Enhance mailing list archives?
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2000 13:12:26 GMT
I know that I'm not a moderator or anything, but can we please kill this
Ben Bertola

"Timm, Sean" wrote:

> Hmmm...I already got serious about that when I started contributing to the
> Xerces, Xalan, and Cocoon projects, but I guess that doesn't count.  Thank
> you for not answering my questions...it was an experience talking to you.  I
> look forward to never doing it again.
> BTW, I'm in a crabby mood since I didn't sleep at all last night.  (I was up
> working on a project based on Cocoon and holding some meaningful discussion
> on the Cocoon developer's list.)  A little common courtesy before making
> rash judgements about a person is certainly appropriate in a forum like
> this.  Do you always try and burn your bridges before you've crossed them?
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> From: HERRICK, CHUCK (SBCSI) [mailto:CH6898@momail.sbc.com]
> Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2000 11:20 AM
> To: general@xml.apache.org
> Subject: RE: Enhance mailing list archives?
> Just as I thought... a handful of gimme and a mouthful
> of much obliged.
> By the way, if you ever get serious about putting in
> more than a list of gimme's, I'll get you the
> pointers so you can get started doing more than thinking
> of things for other peole to do for you.
> Let me know.
> tick. tock. tick. tock. tick ...
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> From: Timm, Sean [mailto:STimm@mailgo.com]
> Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2000 12:17 PM
> To: 'general@xml.apache.org'
> Subject: RE: Enhance mailing list archives?
> Nice coy response.  Let's start by having you tell me where the open source
> software that drives the mailing lists are located.  Surely there's a CVS
> archive set up, right?  Are you involved in that project?  How come the
> archives are stored on webweaving.org if it's an Apache project?
> It sounds like you need to open source your thinking and reasoning skills,
> so I can make some enhancements there, too.

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