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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Java/XML/SQL application development proposal
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2000 11:26:48 GMT
Josh McCormack wrote:
> Java/XML/SQL application development proposal
> The development of a publishing framework like Cocoon
> facilitates the creation of powerful websites using
> custom tags, databases, different style sheets and
> down right beautiful seperation of every aspect of
> the programming, logic and display of a site.
> A framework of this sort cuts down a lot of time/money
> that could be spent custom developing or buying the same
> thing. After getting the infrastructure (buying, downloading,
> developing, etc.) in place the next step is to make the
> applications that will drive the website. While there
> are some unique, or at least less common web based applications
> most sites use some combination of a common set. Getting these
> applications developed and to connect to a database, to
> work together, maintain state, etc. can be a repetitive process
> that sucks time/money unnecessarily. Just as Cocoon is the
> engineering platform which puts the theories and concepts
> into use, so a collection of powerful application modules
> could extend Cocoon to the highly functional level most
> people interested in an application server need one for.
> To move this closer to implementation from a high level view,
> what I'm proposing is making a collection of applications
> which have a database backend, public and private functions,
> which
> interact and share session information. They would be customized
> through the xml documents they're called from, the style sheets
> which help in their display and in the content of the database
> they connect to. Examples of applications include bulletin board,
> poll, bookmark manager, etc. I think once it gets going adding
> more should be pretty easy and we can add things like a powerful
> commerce/auction application, POP email reader, etc. And we don't
> necessarily have to reinvent the wheel. If it's already been
> done
> lets figure out how to work with it best.
> First step is to determine functionality, then to do a database
> design (mulitple if necessary to make it useable for different
> RDBMS). A log-in session thing will need to be done. SQL to
> get data and ways to insert it. Generic XML/XSL files.
> If working on this sounds appealing please email me. I"ll
> set something up on an open source development site that will
> help with version control and communication and such. I'm thinking
> about a BSD style liscence unless someone feels differently.
> Benefits to working on this project would be fame and notereity,
> learning, potential money from installing and customization.
> A
> feeling of good will. Please forward this to anyone you think
> might be interested. God willing I'll be at Apachecon and we
> can further discuss if you like, and I'm in NYC if anyone will
> be around and want to talk in the flesh.
> I'm not fixated on Cocoon. XSDK from Oracle looks alright, too.
> Other
> suggestions welcome.

There are currently a few of these projects around here:

- Bugoon -> a bug tracking system based on Cocoon
- JetSpeed (http://java.apache.org/jetspeed/) which uses both cocoon and
- Jyve -> a faq-0-matic clone that uses turbine

Also, there's Brian's Tigris (http://www.tigris.org) which should be a
higher level sourceforge tool for open development groupware.

I'm sure more and more we'll go in the direction of creating web
applictations with the intrastructure we are developing.

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