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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@webweaving.org>
Subject Re: Mini-Unicode module needed?
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2000 23:37:50 GMT

Tim Bray wrote:

> Hi - I have this great big honkin' Apache module (C, not perl) that I've
> written to do some very specific things in regard to my startup.  Recently,
> I had to make it do Unicode.  I looked around at iconv and ICU and some
> combination of being-in-C++ and being-heavyweight and
> doing-stuff-I-didnt-need made them unattractive.

I found the same same thing; and used the C3 API to pre-generate *.h
tables to do utf7/8 <--> latin(1-8) conversion and approximation. (
without language param's; i.e no. u\: <-> eu | u conflict resulution
etc, etc.).

> Soo.... the question is [and maybe this isn't the right place to ask
> it]: should I rip this stuff out and make a little wee mod_Unicode for
> desperados who have to do C-level Apache programming?  Or is this
> wasteful/duplicative/ill-thought-out and not really of benefit to
> anyone.  -T.

IMHO, as I found myself carrying such code from project to project,
having a
good utf8/unicode + approx/mapping table to things such as latinX, shift-J,
big5 and koi8, such a (public) library is an asset. It should be made a 
library for easy use. And it should be small !

But if it grows as heavy as the c++ gorilla's currently in use.. then 
please don't !


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