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From "Yahoo" <joshmccorm...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: [announce] XMLForm - a new project using Xerces, Xalan, & JTidy
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2000 17:05:29 GMT

This is very cool looking. Very simple and clean and I see great
potential for it's use. Cocoon has calling and displaying content
down, and this can help in searching and adding to data. 


|--- Original Message ---
|From: Donald Ball <balld@webslingerZ.com>
|To: general@xml.apache.org
|Date: 2/21/00 4:24:59 PM

|I've been using cocoon for time out of mind to handle sending
|out of my XML files as HTML over HTTP and it's fantastic. That's
half of
|the work of a typical web design shop. The other half of the
|hasn't really been addressed to my satisfaction yet - I wanted
a way to
|edit XML files through an HTML form interface. Poking around
in the perl
|world (which is ahead of us in some areas, but oddly behind
in others) I
|found the CGI::XMLForm module which lets you create XML documents
|HTTP requests by interpreting the variable names as XPath-like
|expressions. It's nice, but it's in perl, which is not my language
|choice, and I had some things I wanted to add to it.
|I reimplemented most of it as a Java servlet using Xerces and
Xalan to do
|the heavy lifting. I went two steps further, adding support
|interpreting variable values as XML or HTML (thanks to JTidy),
and adding
|the ability to insert the newly created XML fragment into an
existing XML
|document at a point specified by an XPath expression.
|I've got easily a dozen ideas for things I might like to do
to it, but
|it's usable now and I thought I'd see if others might be interested
|playing with it. It's available here:
|If you find this servlet useful, if you have any suggestions,
or if you
|know of a similar project in Java that escaped my attention,
please don't
|hesitate to contact me.
|- donald

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