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From "Thomas Yip" <tyip_n...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Design patterns for flame-free mail list
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2000 23:48:57 GMT

> When you see a mail that irritates you or gets irrationally personal do
> the following:
> 1) write the nasties possible reply to that guy forcing yourself to
> finish at least one screen dense of insults, bad words, nasty
> meanings... all that stuff.
> 2) instead of hitting the send button, hit the delete one and throw it
> away.
> 3) start over with the same intent.
> You'll find out that irrational negative energy was "dissipated" during
> that first loop... and you start seing things differently. 99% of the
> time, you don't even end up writing that mail... you simply ignore that.
> .....
> Of course, when starting a thread... try to be as respectful as you can
> :) It always helps.

Sound good for me. :)

I have something else to share about the mail list.

While the list often a place for people to ask about the problem 
they encounter and get answers, why don't we make a searchable 
QA page. And, we can encourage people who start the thread and 
got answer to summarize one's question and answers and post it to 
the QA page.

In that way, the QA page will be much much more searchable, than 
the mail archive alone. And, the noise to signal ratio will be very 
low in the QA page. Also, in this way, work can be distributed.

Certainly, we're not going to blame people who don't comply, but
I believe there will be enough people willing to do it spontaneously
to make the QA page useful.

Do you guys think what I suggest is possible or easy to
implement? :-)


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