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From Arved Sandstrom <Arved...@chebucto.ns.ca>
Subject Committ access
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2000 15:45:39 GMT
I have a number of questions regarding getting properly set up as a committer.
Theoretically I've been one for about 3 weeks. :-)

I'm working on Linux (Mandrake 7.0 on a P-III). I started out with cvs-1.10.7,
which I am still using, and ssh-2.0.13. I have since grokked that SSH2 may not
be OK, so I switched to SSH1, using (at present) ssh-1.2.27.

After much fumbling, I think (I don't know for sure) that I have successfully
changed my password from the one that Brian Behlendorf gave me, by logging into
xml.apache.org with ssh, and doing so. I've also run ssh-keygen while logged in,
and copied identity.pub to 'authorized_keys'. Finally, I ssh'ed to
locus.apache.org, and it informed that that it was added to my list of known

At the moment I can, as near as I can tell, successfully run an update in my
working directory (which I obained using anonymous CVS months ago). In other
words, 'update' informs me that files are ? when they should be, and M when they
are, and so forth.

Neither 'checkout' or 'commit' succeed. In both cases I am informed that I have
incorrect permissions - read/write for the history file in the case of
'checkout', and write permission in the case of 'commit'.

This is for the XML-FOP repository, incidentally.

I am not suggesting that I am set up correctly, by any means. But I am an
absolute novice with SSH, and not an expert with CVS, so I've reached the end
of my current ideas. :-) Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Arved Sandstrom

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