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From Duncan Werner <dun...@pagea.com>
Subject Re: Design patterns for flame-free mail list
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2000 00:01:16 GMT

This sounds a bit like a faq-o-matic, (see openldap.org, for example), which
is integrated with ht-dig for searches. That's probably a pretty out-of-the-box
solution. If anyone wants this, put it on the todo list and I'l sign up once I
can find some time.

Duncan Werner

On Thu, 24 Feb 2000, you wrote:

> I have something else to share about the mail list.
> While the list often a place for people to ask about the problem 
> they encounter and get answers, why don't we make a searchable 
> QA page. And, we can encourage people who start the thread and 
> got answer to summarize one's question and answers and post it to 
> the QA page.
> In that way, the QA page will be much much more searchable, than 
> the mail archive alone. And, the noise to signal ratio will be very 
> low in the QA page. Also, in this way, work can be distributed.
> Certainly, we're not going to blame people who don't comply, but
> I believe there will be enough people willing to do it spontaneously
> to make the QA page useful.
> Do you guys think what I suggest is possible or easy to
> implement? :-)
> Thomas 
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