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From Robert_W...@lotus.com
Subject Observations
Date Sun, 02 Jan 2000 21:06:58 GMT
1. The "Who We Are" page says it lists all those who are on the PMC or are
Comitters.  But it is missing the Commiters who are not also on the PMC.
It is difficult to have a vote on an action item when it isn't clear which
votes are binding.

2. The "Who We Are page doesn't indicate who the Chairman of the PMC is, or
the dates of his term.

3. The "Source Repositories" page (http://xml.apache.org/source.html) says
that the STATUS files are automatically posted to the developer lists
3-times per week.  I've never seen these files posted.

4. We seem to be breaking important conventions of open source development.
For example, I am still seeing source patches being checked in without
attribution to the original author.  This is bad.  Apache XML isn't going
to go far if project participation never grow beyond the original code
authors.  Proper attribution is one of the ways we encourage wider

5.  According to the By Laws, we have a Project Management Comittee (PMC)
responsible for "the strategic direction and success" of the project.  I
have not seen any strategy communication from the PMC posted to the mailing
lists.  Or even minutes from meetings.  How is this done with other Apache
projects?  A regular "State of the Project" memo?  A project-wide STATUS

I'm not just complaining -- I'm also available to help address any of these

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