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From Donald_Les...@lotus.com
Subject Re: [proposal] Better look and feel
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2000 15:08:39 GMT

Xalan doc uses a resource file that defines a variety of internal and
external locations . Each of our xml source documents imports this resource
file. Our document-to-html stylesheet uses xsl:key to map resource
references in our documents to these locations.

Accordingly, to build Xalan doc with StyleBook I have had to create new
versions of document.dtd, blocks.ent, links.ent, markup.ent, loader.xml,
book2project.xsl, document2html.xsl. The differences between the new
versions of these files that I checked in (document1.dtd, blocks1.ent,
etc.) and the original versions are slight, but I was afraid that modifying
the originals might break the doc build for some other project.  I also
modified the xml-site build batch files to use loader1.xml for Xalan, both
for the "standard" build and the "XMas" build.

A little background: I started the process of setting up Xalan doc with a
beta version of StyleBook from Pier and a very incomplete (it is still
incomplete!) understanding of the conceptual role of StyleBook (a) for the
xml.apache.org website, and (b) for Cocoon. From my perspective, I have
brought Xalan doc into the fold so that it can be automatically generated
as part of the global website doc. In order to do this, and keep our
resource file , I had to create new dtd, ent, and xsl files, and a new
loader to use those files. Given that StyleBook is intentionally not bound
to a given DTD or set of stylesheets, I thought my solution was

If there is a good reason to eliminate the proliferation of DTDs, etc. --
and there appears to be some disagreement on this issue -- I am happy to
work on expanding the original dtd, ent, and xsl files to accomodate Xalan.
I do not want to purge resources.xml unless someone has a good replacement
for storing links.  In fact, maybe some other projects would be interested
in using their own resource files??

Steps for expanding the document DTD:

* Add Xalan-specific entities to xml-site/sources/entities.ent. The other
day, I noticed this file for the first time. Apparently, it constitutes a
document.dtd mechanism  (via blocks.ent and markup.ent) for adding
project-specific entities. To date Xerces-c appears to be the only project
to use this file -- maybe nobody else has found it yet??? I can add Xalan
entities to this file, and avoid having to modify the other entity
definition files.

* Modify the document.dtd root entity to allow the inclusion of resources
(from Xalan's resources.xml). I.e., change <!ELEMENT s1 (s2|%blocks;)*> to
<!ELEMENT s1 (resources?, (s2|%blocks;)*)>

* Modify document2html.xls to include use of the key function -- <xsl:key
name="id" match = "*" use ="@id"/> immediately following definition of the
id parameter --  and templates for resource-ref and human-resource-ref.

I am also very eager for any information Pier or Stefano can provide that
clarifies the planned merger of StyleBook into Cocoon.

-- Don

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