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From Brian Dupras <bri...@centera.com>
Subject xslt with existing DOM nodes
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2000 18:24:50 GMT
I'm trying to use xalan to transform an xml element using an xslt stylesheet
already loaded as a dom node.  However, I get this:  "DTMLiaison can not
handle nodes of typeclass org.apache.xerces.dom.DeferredElementImpl"

In the final version of the program, I'll be getting xml as strings and I
will have processed the xml nodes a bit before this point.  So it's
important that I be able to use existing DOM Nodes as the input to the

Am I doing something wrong? (code below)

xerces 1.0.1
xalan  0.19.2
Java   1.2.2

Brian Dupras

In the following code, the getxml() function loads an xml document off the
disk.  This is a stand-in for when we'll be getting xml as strings from a
server object.  

Here's example code:

	Document xmldocResult = new DocumentImpl();
	Element xml = getxml("a.xml");
	Element xsl = getxml("b.xsl");
	xsltProcessor.process(new XSLTInputSource(xml), 
				new XSLTInputSource(xsl), 
				new XSLTResultTarget(xmldocResult)
	debugout("transform passed: " +
} catch (Exception e) {
	//right now, this error is always blown
	debugout("error in transform\n" + e); 

private Element getxml(String fn) 
	throws SAXParseException, SAXException, IOException
	DOMParser domParser =
	domParser.parse(strRoot + fn);
	return domParser.getDocument().getDocumentElement();
} //getxml(String)

p.s.  I've tried passing in the Document as well as the getDocumentElement()
for the xsl parameter.

Brian Dupras
Centera Information Systems, Inc.
phone	303.939.0200 x294
fax	303.939.0111
web	http://www.centera.com
email	briand@centera.com

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