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From mdela...@us.britannica.com
Subject questions about FOP integration with Xalan/Xerces/Tomcat
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2000 23:56:52 GMT
Hi all,

I'm pretty new to the XML community, but it looks like some pretty great
stuff is happening at Apache.  Without much effort, I've written a nice
little servlet to do XSL translations to a browser.  However, I'm intrigued
by FOP, but it looks a little discouraging as well.  I'm wondering:

1) When will FOP be integrated with the rest of the Apache XSL suite?  I
don't relish using XT for FOP and Xalan/Xerces for everything else.

2) Theoretically, I know how to write formatting objects to a browser or
file using Xalan/Xerces, but is there an effective way to pass them directly
into FOP?  I guess you'd want to store the results of the XSL Translation
from XML to XSL-F as a String or maybe even as its own tree object.  Is
there a way to do that in Xalan/Xerces?  I guess this is all a little
irrelevant until FOP is integrated with Xalan/Xerces, but it's handy info

That being said, FOP looks very cool!

- Morgan

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