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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <p...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ICU
Date Sat, 29 Jan 2000 00:43:12 GMT
Guy Hulbert wrote:
> PF> I had an "interesting" discussion on that topic with some GNU Classpath
> PF> people at the Exolab 1999 in Nantes (France), and really didn't
> PF> understand their points on why ALL software MUST be freely available
> Probably because they each understand it slightly differently.  The only
> person's point of view you need to understand on this is Stallman.  He
> has been consistent over almost 20 years on this.  You don't necessarily
> have to agree with him.

Sorry... I never met RMS in my life, but, from a couple of close friends
I have (really close) and their experience, I don't think he's one of
those people I would be happy to have a discussion with...

> I do agree with him on one point.  Without GNU, linux as it exists now
> would have been impossible.  It might still have happened but it would
> have been *much* slower.  That doesn't mean you have to call it GNU/Linux ...

I don't know... It's easy to affirm that "after"... Maybe it would have
been much slower, maybe much faster, maybe equal...
All the people out there who touched Linux are not aware of WHAT LICENSE
they're using.. They're just amazed by the fact that they have the
sources of an operating system...
The fact that an operating system is open source makes the difference...
Not the license under wich it was published. I don't buy the fact that
GPL is the "key" of linux.
And don't tell me that *BSD is less successful because of the different
The key to the success of Linux is in its the benevolent dictator,
Linus, nothing else (all this, IMVHO!)...


BTW. The discussion is off-topic on this list... I bet we should
continue on private EMail...
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