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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <p...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ICU
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2000 04:02:07 GMT
Mike Pogue wrote:
> Yep, I agree.  It does seem to be splitting into two camps.
> Many companies won't touch GPL-licensed code, because of its virulent
> (virus-like) nature.
> BSD-licensed code is (in a way) more "open" in the sense that there are
> fewer restrictions placed on using it.  <Insert your own definition of
> "open" here/>
> Too bad, I think, because there are many worthwhile GPL projects that
> could benefit from help from the very people (or companies) who are
> scared away from the code by the license.

I started my experience in the open source world together with the
former Apache Group (and Apache Software Foundation now). And so,
obviously, I picked up the idea that BSD-like licenses are the "best"
(that's my idea).

I had an "interesting" discussion on that topic with some GNU Classpath
people at the Exolab 1999 in Nantes (France), and really didn't
understand their points on why ALL software MUST be freely available
(and so why their license is, as you correctly called it, "viral").

I believe that only with the integration of corporate and private
efforts we can create a real "open" society, not by forcing people and
companies to distribute sources, but showing them how, in most cases,
the open source solution is winning, and alwais leaving everyone the
freedom to decide what to do with what they write, even if that is basen
on something I (us/someone other) wrote.


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